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//Hi! I'm Kowboat - just 'Kow' for short is fine - and I've been going by that name online for at least the last ten years. I'm a digital character artist, an aspiring writer (emphasis on 'aspiring'), and occasional streamsman, though I've been on hiatus from livestreaming for several months after burning out pretty hardcore. I'm planning on making a comeback at some point, but nothing's set in stone yet. I also find myself with less time for & interest in gaming than I used to have, and when I do I usually stick to old games.


//I've been drawing since at least elementary school, and I started putting my art online throughout high school and a little after. I've been working exclusively in digital art since I got my first Wacom tablet, and I intended to pursue a career in illustration until I fell afoul of The Agonies; shorthand for a combination of social fallings-out, burnout from working on my webcomic, and some mental health issues that went sour in a big way. This all coincided with a stress injury in my right wrist, so I took it as a sign and just... stopped drawing for about a decade.

. . .

//Around 2019, I started making vector art for my tabletop games using at first Google Drawings, then Inkscape, entirely with mouse & keyboard. In 2022 I dug out my old Wacom Intuos 4 completely on a whim and got back to drawing by hand, and today I think I'm putting out some of the best work I've ever done! That said, I'm sick to death of begging for engagement on tumblr and the like, so if you think my OCs are cute you're legally required to tell me directly.


//Writing is something I've dabbled in a bit more infrequently; I've finished NaNoWriMo twice (neither result of which is fit to show to anyone), written and lost a handful of short stories, and filled a folder or two with dozens of discarded drafts. One day, though... one day I'm finally gonna get around to writing that sci-fi doorstopper...


//I don't quite remember when I started streaming, but it was around June 2021 that I started doing it regularly - started with some gimmick runs of Skyrim and Fallout 4 and eventually branching out into other games. For a while I focused on speedrunning The Thing, eventually achieving a PB of 45:26!


//I can be reached most readily on Discord via @kowboat, or from one of my blogs linked on the site map. if I don't know you, please open with a concise explanation of what you're contacting me about so I don't assume you're a bot or something.

//for information about art commissions, click here to go to my Ko-Fi store.

//for other business inquiries, email me at: SATIS /dot/ VERBORUM /at/ GMAIL /dot/ COM