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the site mascot, Stevishan Sorosu (Sssteve for short). he's a skinny, feminine-looking anthropomorphic lizard boy with green scales and fluffy white hair.

//SSSTEVE (he/him lizard femboy)

full name: Stevishan Sorosu [ref sheetπŸ”ž]
age: old enough to know better
species: azoni/ktani/human mix (wild party, don't ask)
profession: Official Blog Mascot, freelance model, dancer (interpretive), dancer (exotic)
fun facts:

  • has hypermobile joints due to being one-quarter catboy
  • parties but doesn't drink; a bit of a lightweight
  • his tail comes off as a defense mechanism, so don't pull too hard
  • (it grows back eventually tho)
  • does burlesque shows under the stage name "Smaul Weiner"
Khaojin Gorosu, the blog mascot's cousin. she's a skinny, androgynous anthropomorphic lizard girl with cobalt blue scales and straight dark blue hair.

//KHAOJIN (she/her lizard failgirl)

full name: Khaojin Gorosu [no ref sheet]
age: young professional
species: azoni
profession: innovator, disruptor, "Idea Guy"
fun facts:

  • cousin of sssteve! they get along great
  • firearms connoisseur; has a sizeable collection, some of which are even stored safely
  • shot her right pinky toe off while on a blind date with Valdr
  • (those don't grow back)
  • maintains a positive attitude no matter how much of Schlockmorton's money she manages to lose
Venevolance, or just Lance. they're a heavily cybernetically and biologically modified human covered in visible augmentations and surgical scars. they have deathly pale skin, visibly greasy purple hair, and augmented eyes that glow bright magenta.

//LANCE (any/all cyborg girlthing)

full name: Unknown; alias "Venevolance" [no ref sheet]
age: ??????
species: augmented human
profession: mercenary
fun facts:

  • has never committed a crime or done anything morally reprehensible (as far as you know, anyway)
  • when asked, claims to be an interior decorator
  • has replaced almost their entire body over time, with the exception of their skull and upper jaw
  • keeps spare body parts, organs, and implants in their apartment's freezer
  • has a thing for cat ears
Valdr Vaathisdottir, a very large woman with bright blue skin and hair. her eyes are hidden by her bangs, while the rest of her hair is pulled back into two long braids. she has a small gap in her front teeth, large ears that stick out prominently, and strange geometric tattoos encircling her biceps.

//VALDR (she/her big blue gal)

full name: Valdr Vaathisdottir [no ref sheet]
age: big sister type
species: jotunn (altered/offshoot human)
profession: fitness instructor
fun facts:

  • originally from a space colony on a desolate ice moon; left because it was "super boring"
  • loves noise rock, noise metal, psychedelic noise rock, experimental noise projects, really just any kind of loud noises
  • exactly 7 feet tall and weighs a little over 300lbs; never gets tired of messing with smaller people
  • has an on-again off-again relationship with Khaojin, who is always finding new ways to ruin things
  • not the sharpest bulb in the drawer, but who's counting?