//Tabletop Streams

//I am currently (as of March 2024) playing a character in a biweekly tabletop stream hosted by Spirited Spider on Twitch.tv!

//Video Editing

//At the moment I don't do a lot of editing; my YouTube channel is mostly old stream VODs, but I did put together a supercut from 2022's Thingsmas stream:

//I think it came out pretty good!

//oh, this is the Decker clip I kept referencing btw, it was going around on tumblr around the time of the stream and was not, in fact, something i dreamed or misremembered

//GAMES & PROGRAMMING a blinking yellow 'under construction' sign

//to be announced...

//WRITING a blinking yellow 'under construction' sign

//I'll dig up something that doesn't embarrass me soon(?)

//MISCELLANEOUS a blinking yellow 'under construction' sign

//voice acting

//i wonder who did that dj tag at the beginning, i bet they're really cool & handsome...

//Canadian Dreamland

//One of my favorite ways to playfully torment my friends is screening episodes of the forgotten(?) Canadian TV show Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal. Every so often, I'll even threaten to do a Darkened Streams-esque episode by episode analysis and breakdown of the series - which would of course necessitate watching every single episode over again from the beginning. You know, to be thorough.

//The thing is though, I am absolutely going to do this at some point. STAY TUNED.